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Improved performance and concurrency

We're still working on improving things, and more improvements will come in a short time.

This update (7088655) brings with it the following changes:

  • Performance enhancement: A secondary database connection (non-transactional) is now used to perform high-concurrency activities, to minimize waiting between clients.
  • Performance enhancement: Session refresh is also performed much less, which should allow increased concurrent activity.
  • Performance enhancement: We've decreased the amount of times the database is updated with information about when the last time a logged in user did something.
  • Performance enhancement: Logging of last access time on objects and containers has been disabled for anonymous users. For logged-in users it will now only happen if the object is considered "interactive".
  • Bugfix: Android browsers should now be able to see something more than just a blank page.
  • Enhancement: Album folder layout has been greatly improved.